Softball Field

View of the Softball Infield as Seen from the Outfield


The Knolls neighborhood
The field is located near the corner of Wildhorse Dr. and Calistoga Ln.


Power Ranch Management maintains one softball field.  The field is available for rent hourly or at a league rate.

Field Markings

Contracted parties are allowed to stripe "mark" the softball field using a non-toxic chalk made for field use with prior approval from the PRCA offices.


Power Ranch provides bases at the field.  These are not to be removed.

Rental Rates

The softball field is available to both residents and non-residents. 

Hourly Rental Rate

  • $10 per hour (Resident)
  • $15 per hour (Non-Resident)
  • $9.95 Administrative Processing Fee

League Rental Rate

  • $150 Rental Fee
  • $25 Registration Fee
  • $9.95 Administrative Processing Fee

Each league rental permit is for a consecutive 10 weeks.  Within these 10 weeks each league is allowed: 

  • 2-hour field use per day 
  • 2-day field use per week.

Insurance Requirements

All league permits must pay a $25 registration fee and provide proof of current league insurance to the association office 30 days prior to first day of field use or at time of booking if less than 30 days. Failure to provide required documentation may result in cancellation of practice and/or a fine.


  • Organized team games are prohibited at all times
  • Use of pitching machines is prohibited


Hourly Use of the Softball Field may be reserved online.

League use of the Softball Field may be reserved by phone with Henri Johnson.  You must have an account created prior to booking any facility.  Please call the office at (480) 988-0960.