Each neighborhood within the Power Ranch Community has its own "neighborhood park".  

Residents also have access to the Ranch House Park & Playground.  This park & playground are located on the corner of East Haven Crest Drive and Ranch House Parkway, near the Ranch House Pool.

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Arbors Park

The Arbors Park offers a play structure, spring rider, turbo climber and swings.

Grange Park

The Grange Park has a playground.

Groves Park

A play structure is located in a nearby greenbelt park.

Knolls Park

The Knolls Field Park delights neighbors with a playground.

Meadow View Park

The Meadow View Park has a children’s play structure.

Mountain View Park

The highlight of the park is its playground, with:

  • Play structure
  • See saw
  • Spring bouncers
  • Super scoop
  • Swing set

Oaks Park

This park offers spring bouncers and a play structure.

Orchard Park

The Orchard Park features a play structure, swings, and spring rider.

Ranch House Community Park

The park features:

  • Basket swing
  • Large climbing dome
  • Pirate themed play structure
  • Spinner bowls
  • Supernova

Timbers Park

 The Timbers Park provides another neighborhood oasis with a climbing wall, swings, riding toys, and seesaw.

Willows Park

The Willows Park encircles a play structure with swings and riding toys and a climbing wall. Willow View Park also has a play structure.

Vineyards Park

The Vineyards Park offers

  • Learning wall
  • Play structure
  • Spring bouncer
  • Spring seesaw
  • Tetherball

Another play structure is located in the nearby greenbelt.


Playgrounds are available daily from 6 am to 10 pm.