Design Review Guidelines & Paint Schemes

Current Design Guidelines

Read the Design Guidelines (PDF)

Design Modification Application

A Design Modification Application must be submitted to the Association office before making any changes to the property that can be seen from the street or common areas and neighboring properties. This includes anything that can be viewed above your property walls.

Painting Process & Paint Schemes

Please read the following guidelines thoroughly before proceeding to the list of paint schemes.


A Design Modification Application must be submitted to the Association office before painting, whether using the existing scheme or a pre-approved paint scheme. All applications must be submitted using the Design Modifcation Application found above.  

Please allow seven business days for approval.

Neighboring Homes

It is your responsibility to visually confirm at the time of application submittal and the day painting begins that your chosen scheme is not the same as the home to either side of your property. Approval is not valid if your scheme is the same as the home to the left or right of your property.


Some painters may tell you that only the pop-outs in the front of your home must be painted. Please note that pop-outs on all sides of the home must be painted per the pre-approved scheme.

Stucco Fence Walls

Stucco fence walls must be painted the same color as the body of your home. You may not assign any other color of the scheme to stucco fence walls. This includes interior fence walls of lots with view fencing.


Mixing and matching of colors within a scheme or from several schemes is not permitted. Schemes are pre-approved as presented only.

Painting Scheme Choices

To give you even more choices, we have listed the pre-approved schemes for BEHR Paints, Dunn-Edwards Paints, PPG Paints and Sherwin Williams.


The colors provided on this website may not be the exact representation of the actual pigmentation. All colors viewed on a computer screen or in print will vary. When color matching is critical, please refer to actual color chips provided by the paint manufacturer.

  1. BEHR Paints
  2. Dunn-Edwards Paints
  3. Sherwin Williams

BEHR Paints

Find a BEHR store or Home Depot Store to view and purchase the approved Power Ranch paint schemes.  

View the approved Power Ranch paint schemes using BEHR paint online.


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